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At Iboteca, our main mission is to produce high quality iboga extracts to serve the needs of a diverse range of professionals.

From medical doctors to psychologists and spiritual healers, thanks to the creative solutions of ibogaine purification we have developed alongside the prominent ibogaine researcher Chris Jenks, our products have touched the lives of many. The benefits of this ancestral plant bring peace, love, and connection to our world.

Adrian Martinez, founder of Iboteca

Adrian received his bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2010 from Georgia Institute of Technology. He subsequently began to work with the Georgia Forestry Commission and the USDA Forestry Seed Lab. With the skills acquired in this field, Adrian joined the Peace Corps in Senegal for 3 years, extending fruit tree and medicinal plant plantations in the rural region of Kolda.

Following his work in Senegal, he founded Iboteca while in Ghana to establish medicinal plant production, including iboga. Iboteca was established to support sustainable growth, raw material production, and extraction of alkaloids of the iboga plant.


Here’s what some of our community members have to say about Iboteca

Our clinic MedicoMente - Medical center of modern addictology, Kiev, Ukraine, for many years has been using Ibogaine in our practice to conduct large extended treatment sessions. The quality of the session depends not only on the knowledge of the clinic’s staff and their equipment, but also largely depends on the quality of the medicine used.

For many years we have been cooperating exclusively with Iboteca. The extracts are always of the highest quality and purity. Furthermore, supporting documentation is included for each batch to clearly know how much active alkaloid is in each gram, confirmed by spectral analysis!

Thanks to this, we have achieved excellent results in the treatment of our patients, which they themselves note.

Dr. Sergey, MedicoMente,
Kyiv, Ukraine
When Adrian and I worked on chemistry together, he showed a solid understanding of the underlying concepts and came up with creative improvements to the processes.

Chris Jenks,
I received an ibogaine flood dose for opioid dependence, PTSD, and TBI, and wanted to continue the healing process. In seeking to continue, I was blessed to find Iboteca. Adrian showed and continues to show me compassion and honesty, coupled with prompt communication that continues to change my life. The Iboga TA extract has worked perfectly as a booster dose, thanks to the guidance of Adrian. I was amazed to find zero side effects, nearly zero ataxia, and after two hours, a near complete removal of the residual withdrawal symptoms I was experiencing. I couldn't recommend the services of Adrian more and he's truly a bright light, a spritual beacon that we are blessed to have the opportunity to know.

Timothy Gilroy,
Cancun, Mexico
I have bought several batches of PTA from Iboteca and the quality is always consistent. I use it for my work with people with and without addiction in Valencia in Spain. Adrian is helpful and reliable in his supply and quality.

Catherine Leathem, Harambe Ibogaine Rehab
Valencia, Spain

I am very grateful for Iboteca's reliability and product quality; the therapeutic benefits I've received (and the peace of mind I have from knowing the quality of the product) cannot be put into words.

Ashley Southard, CEO Mushroom Design

Adrian is a person with heart and mind. I would describe him as absolutely reliable and appreciate his open, honest communication. The focus is not on profit. Adrian convinces with quality and sustainability! I can only recommend him!

Anja Honig, Iboga Therapy,
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Thank you, Iboteca. I am forever changed and I am so deeply and truly thankful for the work you are doing in this world. How profound and important. Iboga is a true gift to humanity, I feel a joy and sense of self I have never known. This is, I believe, the most important medicine on our planet.

Betty Kay,
Sacred Space, West Coast
Adrian's medicine was of a very good quality. It felt very smooth and pure in my session. The price was good and he went above and beyond during the shipping process. I recommend everybody work with him, as I trust him and his ibogaine.

Tel Aviv, Israel
I have been working in the ibogaine treatment world for 9 years and I microdose with iboga TA regularly. I have tried medicine from multiple sources and Iboteca’s iboga TA is hands down the best quality I have ever had.

It’s also important to note that the plants are sourced from a plantation in Cameroon. Most iboga sold online is from poached or stolen sources, leading to lack of access to this medicine for the traditional people who use it. Having high quality medicine from a sustainable and ethical source is golden.

Iboteca has a good collaborative soul, walking the path of truth, and provides quality wood products, for good prices; and qualified guidance for the many questions you may have. When packages have had delays, he is responsive and informative and caring about your concerns. All in all a good and rewarding connection.

Puedo dar fe de que Adrián es una persona confiable y honesta que cumple con sus envíos y por supuesto la ibogaína es maravillosa. Lo he podido experimentar de muchas maneras. Gracias a Dios que conocimos Iboteca.

Clínica anónima,
After spending years of my life addicted to opiates, I ended up on a Suboxone maintenance program, which turned out to be nearly as big of a curse as any other opiate. I thought that I’d be stuck on that stuff forever, that is until I discovered ibogaine. Not only did it work as far as helping me off of Suboxone, it awakened something inside of me. I felt connected not only to myself, but to this medicine itself, like we knew each other.

I stayed clean for over a year afterward, but unfortunately got sucked into the kratom craze. It’s basically heroin light, and it had me hooked. Luckily, this time I knew I wasn’t stuck. I had ibogaine to turn to, which is what brought me to Adrian at Iboteca. The person who facilitated my first ibogaine experience said she trusted him completely, and that was good enough for me.

I began a steady kratom dosage decrease along with a finger-dab of HCl every morning. On the first day, I could immediately feel the withdrawal symptoms subside. It made each decrease in dosage easier and easier. I was able to function, too, and continued going to work as if nothing was different. I felt fine.

Over a period of a few weeks, I was done. The hair loss caused by the kratom went away, I felt alert, and I didn’t have the burden of another addiction. The quality of the product was top notch, and Adrian was there to answer any questions I had with a quick response. I’ve gone back to Iboteca a few times after my kratom detox so I can continue with the medicine through microdosing. It continues to help reconnect me with my soul, bit by bit, ever so subtly. I’ll continue to go through Iboteca and would recommend using them to anyone.

Cydonia Mensae, Mars

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